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Life on Mars
2 min readSep 18, 2021



Build your dream upon the stars

The number of estates is finite and predetermined in the colonies under the form of NFT. You buy estates here or from the Marketplace to build.

Estates Map: the map is where you look for that piece of land for your dream home, or that golden opportunity to grow your empire. You will need to be mindful about the various types of terrains and locations. A piece of land in industrial districts is different from one in a commercial or farming one, a rocky terrain dome is different from a lake bed or volcano one…

Estates Map on Mars

Construction & upgrades: use the resources from mining and/or trading to improve your estate. Ask yourself if you want to own a farm to raise cattle, or build a beautiful retreat worth millions of NFT, or even more ambitious — running a multibillion casino district?

Estate expansion: by choosing strategic locations, you can control how your estate expands through buying and linking adjacent lands together (until a certain limit). Whatever your plan is, be nice to your neighbor!

To be continued…

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