Mars Daily Facts Part 5

Life on Mars
2 min readJun 21, 2022

Immerse into Mars’s whole new Atmosphere.

Issue 5: Orbit and Rotation: Did you know? Mars has longer days than Earth. It completes one rotation once every 24.6 hours, which’s unnoticeably longer than the earth’s rotation (about 24 hours), and Martian days are called Sols — which stands for “Solar Day”. However, Mars’s calendar’s much different than ours, a year of it lasts for 670 days and that’s 687 days on Earth by our calendar.

🌸🌾🍂🎄Like Earth, Mars also has all four distinctive seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter, but they last longer than our home planet since Mars’s located farther from the sun than Earth, and it takes more time to rotate around the sun. That means instead of evenly spread over the year, and lasting for 3 months each season, Mars’s seasons are inconsistent and they’re varied in length due to the planet’s Elliptical, egg-shaped revolves around the sun.

😕 Further details about the inconsistency of Mars’s seasons: Spring in the northern hemisphere (autumn in the southern) is the longest season at 194 sols. Autumn in the northern hemisphere (spring in the southern) is the shortest at 142 days. Northern winter/southern summer is 154 sols, and northern summer/southern winter is 178 sols.

Spring on Mars

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